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Mobile Medical Clinics are  sent out to “help those who cannot help themselves.”  

Medical teams can be as small as two people and as large as 20 people, depending on the remoteness of the area and the extent of the needs awaiting them.  

The outreaches usually provide basic health care and advice to people who can not access normal health care or to whom it is very difficult to get routine health care.  People with more serious conditions are either referred to a nearby clinic, taken to the clinic by staff or arrangements are made for them to receive the care needed. 

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Medical Equipment Needs 

The Haven Project Medical Program has need of:

  • Three (3) portable defibrillators.These can be purchased in Thailand and cost around $1000 each.

  • Supplies for our Feeding and Dietary Programs which provides food, vitamins and milk powder to children who have been identified as needing more nutrition than their parents can adequately supply.

    This program has run successfully for a many years.  Often children need extra support for one or two years till they are on track.  Both short and long term support is available.

  • Dressing Supplies for Mobile Medical Clinics. Some can be purchased in Thailand and some specialised ones can be purchased in Australia. The cost is around $20.

More information coming soon

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