Sponsor a Haven Trainee

Thank you for considering sponsoring one of our young people.   Sadly, as in many societies, there can be hindrances to employment or prospects when you are born into an ethnic culture or minority group that is not favoured.  

It is in fact precisely because of the difficulties that marginalised groups experience that we have very strict guidelines  in place for our children’s homes.  

Filling a children’s home in Thailand is not difficult therefore we made the decision many years ago that we would only offer homes to those that are from the most desperate and vulnerable environments.

And as we have mentioned previously, our commitment to these children is for a lifetime.  

Sponsor a Haven Trainee
Haven Traineeships Program was developed to help those, who grew up in a Haven Home, to transition well into adulthood.
We support our young people as they learn to live independently and as they make decisions regarding careers and further education.

The Traineeship we offer is a two year program.   

Our Mentors work alongside trainees to ensure that:

  • They meet the required competencies or standards for their training.

  • Learn how to operate as a business owner or manager.

  • Learn Book keeping

  • Their business produces a profit

  • They are able to financially support themselves

  • They are able to function independently as a business. 

  • They are able to train others in the same role. 

We currently offer Traineeships in the following areas – click on the titles below for more information :

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Please consider​ sponsoring our young trainees in their chosen vocation

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