Thank you for considering sponsoring a child in our Children’s homes and partnering with us in providing them with a future and a hope.  

Our commitment to these children is for a lifetime.  Children’s homes are the first stage of our care commitment, we also work with them as they navigate the world beyond and decide on future career and training opportunities

The children we care for have been selected according to strict guidelines that ensure that we are only taking care of the most desperate and vulnerable children who have either lost one or both parents, have no other family who is able or willing to care for them or are deemed to be living in high risk situations.

child sponsorship long

Sponsorship is available for  children and trainees and covers all of their basic or essential needs:

It costs $90 to provide for one child each month therefore part sponsorship is available ($30 and $60 options) to suit different budgets.  

This includes:

  • Food

  • Accommodation, Furniture and Utilities

  • School fees and costs  
        Thai children are required to have three school uniforms to attend school

  • Clothing and Shoes

  • Basic necessities (e.g. hygiene products)​

  • Staff salaries

  •  Occasional activities 
         School holiday programs, special events etc. 

We like to keep our Sponsors informed therefore you can expect to receive:

  • Newsletters to keep you in touch with what is happening in our Haven
    Children’s Homes

  • Two  letters and a small  Christmas gift each year from your sponsor child
    The children love interacting with their sponsors.  Many have formed valued friendships  with   families and have even met them.  The photos opposite show them writing their sponsorship letters.  Like all kids half the fun is choosing the right coloured pens and sharing ideas and seeing what everyone else has written.  

  • Updates regarding your sponsor child’s progress

  • Photos of your sponsor child.

Please contact our office if you would like further information
about Sponsorship.